Saturday, February 9, 2019

Classroom Valentine Box Ideas

Gumball Machine
Items Needed:
Pom Poms or real gumballs… I used pom poms because they were light and easier for them to take to school
Red Paint
Oats Canister
Plastic Fish Bowl
Terra Cotta Saucer
2 Large Wing Nuts
1 Washer
Aluminum Foil

For the base:
You can either paint the oatmeal canister red or use paper to cover it. **one of my favorite things to do when I am painting is wearing disposable gloves. It SAVES me from making messes on my hands!  
Cut a slit for the cards **It is so hard to cut a perfect slit in a canister! So, I just cut down with some scissors and make a “sloppy” opening. Then, I cut the perfect slit in the card stock, and no-one ever knows the ugliness underneath :) 

Cut some tin foil as shown then glue a washer and a wing nut to the front.

For the top:
Paint the terra cotta saucer red.
Glue a wing nut to the lid. 

Glue the plastic fish bowl to the top of the canister. 
Fill with gumballs or pom poms 
Glue the top to the fishbowl if it is filled with pom poms. If it is gumballs, I would fill it at school and then place the lid on top!
Sock Monkey
Items Needed:
Oats canister
Kraft Paper
Beige Card Stock
Googly Eyes
Red Card Stock
Red Yarn

For the body:
Cut a hole in the body of the canister.
Cover the canister with Kraft colored paper. 
Cut a circle out of the beige paper for the mouth.
Cut a red mouth and glue to the beige circle.

Glue on the googly eyes and use a black marker for the eyebrows and nostrils.

For the ears:
Cut 2 circles out of cream colored paper and 2 slightly smaller circles from the Kraft colored paper, glue the Kraft paper to the cream paper. Fold the edges of the circles and glue to the canister.

Glue some red yarn to the top for the hair.

Elephant Box
This box was inspired by this pin.
Items Needed:
Square Box
Gray Card Stock
Pink Card Stock
Valentines Designer Card Stock
Blue Card Stock
Black Brad

Cut a hole in the box for the cards.
Cut out a trunk for the lid
Cover the rest of the box with gray card stock
For the cheeks: Cut a circle in half, use each side for the cheeks
Add 2 google eyes 
For the Ears: Cut 2 gray hearts
Cut 2 slightly smaller hearts from the designer paper. 
Glue the designer paper to the gray paper,
Fold the hearts in half and glue them to the top of the box.
Add a bow to the top to hid where the ears meet!


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