Sunday, December 16, 2018

Neighbor Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming, and I love giving neighbor gifts! I feel like it is the one time you can quickly sho the people around you that you are thinking about them :) Here are some quick and easy ideas:
Gift: In a Pikle wrapped with a pom pom
Items needed: In a Pikle bag, box and yarn

These In a Pikle bags are so fun because they are unique and perfect to give friends for their purse or car. I love the mini version (because all small things are cute), but they have big versions as well. To add a DIY touch, I put them in a box and made a pom-pom from yarn. 

In a Pikle is generously offering a 25% discount! 
Use the code GOODTHINGSUTAH25 

Gift: Card Games
Items Needed: A card game, ribbon and a tag

I love to give something that means something to me. And, games are one of my favorite ways to spend time with my family.  You can find fun card games for a pretty low cost and then add a tag that says “We hope your holidays are filled with time to PLAY together!"

One trick I love to do: I love to use pre-designed digital scrapbooking pages to make tags. It is awesome because you can just add the words!  CLICK HERE for the tags I made.
But, if you want to download the original scrapbook kits, I would go HERE and download them. My favorite designer, Fayette designs the CUTEST things!
Gift: The gift of no dishes
Items needed: Christmas Paper Goods, Cellophane and ribbon
Wrap up your dishes in cellophane and add this cute tag that says: “Sending you our warmest wishes, and a holiday season with fewer dishes. Our Christmas wish to you… fewer dishes to do!” 
Gift: Hot Chocolate Bar
Items needed: Hot chocolate, peppermint sticks, marshmallows, mason jars, labels, and ribbon
Fill a mason jar or any other cute container with your different items and attach a tag that says:  Sending you “warm” wishes this holiday season. 
Gift: Christmas Wrapping Paper and Tape
Items Needed: Wrapping Paper, Tape, and Tag

Tie the tape to the wrapping paper and add the tag that says:
Since November you've been shopping, 
barely sleeping, hardly stopping. 
Now it's late you're in a scrape, out of paper, out of tape. 
Hope this wrap helps save the day! 
Have a Happy Holiday!   
Printable is on THIS BLOG.
Gift: Hand Soap
Items Needed: Hand Soap, Ribbon and Tag
Attach a tag that says: “We wash you a Merry Christmas” to a cute hand soap. 

Gift: Frozen Lasagna, pizza or other quick meal
Items Needed: Lasagna, ribbon, and tag
Attach a tag to the lasagna that says: 
'The hustle and bustle can be fun for sure,
but life still goes on between shopping and stores.
So this year we thought a quick dinner might do,
A very Merry Christmas from our family to you!”

I got this poem from THIS BLOG and you can go there for another printable tag she designed!
Gift: Batteries
Items needed: mason jar, batteries, tag and ribbon
Put various batteries in a jar and attach a tag that says “Christmas Eve Emergency Kit”


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