Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Last minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Today on Good Things Utah, I showed some super fun last-minute ideas for Halloween costumes!

Items to find:
White t-shirt
White pants
Yellow felt - cut the felt in a circle and put on the shirt. It doesn’t have to be perfect, yolks aren’t! You can either use a clear thread to stitch the yoke on or use safety pins. 
Devil ears and tail (you might have one, lots of grocery stores might have the or just cut something out of felt)!

Items to find:
Black Shirt
Old movie tickets (you can even print some off the computer) 
popcorn bags (or print some) 

Glue these on your shirt! I tried to figure out how to pin them on but it just didn’t work :( You can get black t-shirts from Joanne’s fabric. I bought mine on sale for $2.50

Items to find:
Tan pants
White Shirt
Different colors of felt or card stock
red balloon
red card stock
head band

Cut strips of “confetti” from the felt or cardstock and attach it to the shirt. If you use clear thread with a light amount of stitches, you can reuse the shirt. For the cherry on top, blow up a balloon and use a piece of red card stock to make a cherry stem.

Items to find:
White Shirt
White Balloons
Shower Cap

I had all of this around my house! You can safety pin the balloons to your shirt so you can reuse the shirt again. 

Items to find:
Paint chips from the local paint store
Gray Shirt
Glue the paint chips on the shirt.

Have a Spook-tacular Halloween!


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