Thursday, February 15, 2018

Arm Knitting Blanket

This fun blanket is all over social media. Probably because it is pretty fun to make and SUPER cozy!
It will take you about an hour (if you can figure it out the first time), but once you start, you can’t stop so make sure to carve out time to be able to finish!

Arm knitting comes in 4 simple steps and I used a combo of 2 pins to figure out how to do it! I used this pin: and this pin:

Item needed: Premier Couture Jazz Yarn. I bought mine on Amazon for $46 for 6 skeins. She uses 8 but I couldn’t find something in less than a 6-pack and with my track record, I didn’t want to buy another 6… I am better at ruining things than I am at successfully making them! 

1. Casting: You will want to do 18 stitches, I did 17 since I had a little less yarn.
So… This should be easy. BUT, it took me 1 hour to figure it out. I could not get it! I ended up figuring out by doing it a little different from the video. I hope I can describe it well!
- Create a slip knot and put it on your right arm. For this knot, you will want a tail that is about 2.75 “arm widths” long. (I am so technical) 
- Hold the “working yarn” (the yarn attached to the skein) in your left hand in a “V” shape on your left hand.

- Loop the yarn around your thumb.
- With your right hand… go through the loop on your thumb, grab the “tail” and pull it through. Stick the loop made from the tail on your right arm! 
**NOTE: This process alone took me an hour to figure out. This is how coordinated I am**
Keep repeating this step until your blanket is as wide as you would like it. I made mine 17 stitches wide. 

--You will only do this for one row --
2. Knitting: You will want to do about 35 rows of this. 
- To knit, you pick up the “working yarn” with your right hand then let one loop that has been cast on your right arm go over the working yarn loop. Now take this new working yarn loop and put it on your left arm. **Keep these stitches tight (but not so tight you can’t feel your arms because there is no blood flow (experience speaking here) **
- Repeat this step until all the stitches on your right arm are now on the left. 
- Now repeat this step going from the left arm back over to the right. 
Keep repeating this step until your blanket is as long as you would like. 

3. Cast off: 
- Knit 2 stitches from one arm to the next. (Like before)
- Slip the first stitch over the last stitch. This will leave you with just one stitch left on your arm. 
- Knit 1 stitch from one arm to the next so you have 2 stitches on the other arm again and repeat slipping the first stitch over the last stitch. 
Repeat this until you have 1 stitch left. 
- Cut off the working yarn, pull it over and tie a knot. 

You can hide the tails by braiding them into the blanket. 


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