Monday, June 12, 2017

Easy Summer Fun Activities

Sponge Water Bombs
This pin intrigued me because I loved the idea of NO MESS. SO much better than water balloons :) 

Items needed:
3 sponges per bomb
1 hair elastic 

It is easy to assemble these:
For each water bomb, cut 3 sponges into thirds length wise. 
Stack the 3 sponges in thirds, on top of each other. 
Tie the together in the middle with a hair elastic. 

Dip in water and play!
DIY Pool Cards
This pin is a perfect way to combine learning with fun this summer!

Items needed:
Foam Sheets

Simply type letters and/or numbers on these foam sheets! I cut mine to be a bit smaller so they would go further. You can have them swim to the answer of a math problem, or swim to letters to spell small words. The ideas are endless!
Glow in the Dark Water Balloons
I think this pin is so fun! Kids would love to do these for night games!

Items needed:
Water Balloons
Glow bracelets

break the glow stick so it is glowing. Put it in the balloon and fill the balloon with water!

Frozen T-shirt Game
This pin is such a fun game!

Items needed:

Soak your t-shirt in water, squeeze it out and freeze it. 

For the game, the first person to be able to put the shirt on, wins!

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