Thursday, June 22, 2017

DIY Tomato Cage Kerplunk Game

Items Needed:
3 Tomato Cages
20’ish 3’ PVC Pipe sections (I bought 1/2 inches PVC pipe)
Spray Paint (optional)
Packing Tape
Ball Pit Balls

Stack the 3 tomato cages inside each other and stick into the lawn.
This pin used vinyl fabric to seal the upper part of the cages, keeping the balls from falling out. I have also seen pins use rope to tie it off. I was WAY lazy and used packing tape… Typical slacker mom hack..but at least I saved a ton of time!

Cut your PVC pipe in 3’ sections (approx.) Hint.. Home Depot cut all of my PVC pipe for me at the store!

(Optional) Paint each PVC pipe.. This took 3 cans of spray paint. You can also use acetone to remove the writing from the pipes and avoid painting them!
Slide the pipes through the tomato cages. 

Dump in the ball pit balls.


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