Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Quick and Easy Ideas to Ask or Answer a School Dance

Prom season is here, and the fun begins with asking and answering someone to a school dance! Here are three ideas that are quick and easy!
“It would only make cents if you would go to formal with me.”
Write the quote on a poster, throw some change in a jar or bowl and hide your name in the change written on some coins.
"Don’t let me go SOLO…prom?”
Write the quote on a poster, write your name on the bottom of some of the cups and mix them up with the other cups. You can use as many cups as you would like. Fill their entire porch!
You could use this to answer with the quote “Will you end up SOLO at prom?” and then put yes or no under the cups.
“Count to find my answer.”
Put skittles or M&M’s in a bowl. Count out, so you have the most greens…. if you’re saying yes!
Make a poster that says “Green = Yes.” “Yellow = Maybe,” “Red = No,” “Count to find my answer! Whichever color has the most is the answer!)

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