Thursday, December 1, 2016

Christmas Countdowns!

This week, our pin is featuring a few of my favorite Christmas Countdown Pins. 

This was the EASIEST countdown to make! I created my version from this pin.

I only did 12 days because (to be honest) all 24 days is tiring to keep up with! 

Items needed:
12 boxes (I got mine from Pak N Wrap… they cost $4 for all of them and I made sure they were the same height).
A surface to put your boxes on. (I used a framed white board)
Type numbers on your computer
Cute Christmas paper to decorate the boxes (optional) 

Put the numbers on the boxes and tape them on the board! You can also use a heavy duty magnet and magnet board as well!
The second calendar I thought younger kids would think was fun is this pin.

Items Needed:
tri - fold foam core board
Tissue Paper
Circle Cutter
13 brown bags

1. Trace 12 squares the same size as the bottom of the bag. 
2. Trace the squares onto your wrapping paper. 
3. Cut your paper bags the height you would like them. 
4. Tape into the holes
5. Add glue to the edges of all the holes
6. Put the tissue paper on top of the holes
6. Cut a circle smaller than the rectangles you traced on your wrapping paper.
7. Wrap it around your board. 
8. Add your numbers and title (if you would like)

Check out the original pin for detailed pictures!
And lastly, the calendar we love the most… The Lego advent calendar! Did everyone know about this? We never get tired of how fun this is :) 


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