Friday, October 14, 2016

Boo your Neighbors!

“Booing” our neighbors is my FAVORITE thing to do during this time of year. I have found some darling printables that can be printed for free and used for this fun tradition.
I thought I would show you 3 fun ideas that you can make to add a personal touch!
I copied this idea from this original pin.

Items Needed:
Green Bag
Black foam sheets or cardstock for the hair
Large google eyes
Marker- to draw features

I wish I could give you some awesome instructions. But, this bag is easy to assemble as shown! I just free handed the hair template!
I got my idea from this pin.
I just copied this concept and then made it using a bag (to make it larger for the neighbors!)
Items Needed:
Black Bag - I got a fun glitter one
Black foam sheet or cardstock for wings and ears
White foam sheet or cardstock for teeth
Large google eyes

Same easy instructions for this one. I just free handed the wings and the ears, you can just assemble it as it is shown here!
I fell in love with this pin when I saw it here.
Items Needed:
Black Embroidery Floss
Orange Embroidery Floss
1 Sheet of Orange Felt (8.5x11 sheet) - Cut in half
2 Sheets of Black Felt - Draw a witch shoe and cut 4 pieces
1. (Optional) draw black lines on your orange felt for the witch stockings.
2. Fold the orange felt in half and blanket stitch
3. Add stuffing to the legs
4. Blanket stitch the 2 pieces of the black felt shoes to the bottom of the stockings leaving open a small opening to add more stuffing. (Then stitch the opening closed).

Have so much fun spreading some less than scary treats to your neighbors!

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Aimee said...

Thanks so much for sharing my witch legs boo kit! It was so fun to find out it was on Good Things Utah. Glad you had fun making it. :)