Monday, August 22, 2016

Back to School Organization Ideas

With school back in session, it is time to get organized! I found some ideas I loved the MOST…
The first pin I saw was this one. I already LOVE In a Pikle bags, but in this post… it mentions using these bags for lockers or backpacks. This is a perfect idea to keep those “emergency supplies” in their locker. The different pouches you can use to fill it with either In a Pikle's amazing accessories or your own custom “junk” make it so you can quickly find what you are looking for between classes. 
Best news yet! 
They are offering of $20 for the In a Pikle bags or accessory sets. And, if you spend at least $20 and use the code backtoschool, they will give you a back to school accessory pack FREE!
The BIGGEST conflict in our home is getting clothes prepared to wear the next day. How easy would it be to help your kids get all of their outfits worked out on Sunday night. Ironing for the week could be done and your week would be stress free! The original pin is hereShe actually charges for her tags so I recreated some that you can just have printed on 4x6 pictures on my blog! 
You can download them HERE!
Confession… I HATE studying with my kids. ESPECIALLY when it is for a test. I just don’t have the attention span. This genius app Quizlet is the best! You can use it to create tests, memory games, regular flash cards and a written study. It is AMAZING. 

This pin seems to be everywhere. I think it is a genius idea to label the markers for what they are used for when you study. 

Hope some of these help you... Back to School is always so exciting, isn't it? (Can we say halleluja for the kitchen being clean for the entire day every once in awhile)!!


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