Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kids Crafts to sell!

It is so fun to watch little entrepreneurs in the summer. But, when lemonade stands start to get a little boring… here are 2 ideas your kids could make to sell instead!

I got the original idea from this pin:
You will need:
Muslim bags
sharpie marker

I got all of these supplies from the craft store. This craft is easy peasy to make! Just write the tic tac toe board on the bag and mark the rocks with “x”’s and “o”’s. 

This craft cost about $.50 per craft to make and so fun to put together :) 
My not-so-favorite craft that I tried, was this PRIZE INSIDE SOAP
You will need:
Clear melt soap base
silicone mold or soap mold
toys to put inside. 

The instructions were simple… melt the soap, put the toy in the mold, fill it with the soap. I bought the soap that was linked in the original pin and it ended up looking white and lumpy. I think someone else could do this well, but I somehow didn’t get it right :) So… I would try a different soap base than the one in the link. I think you could make these for about $.50 per soap as well!

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