Wednesday, June 22, 2016

DIY Yard Games

This time of year, it is so fun to find a way to spend time outside! These 2 DIY yard game pins are fun and EASY to make!

For both pins, I bought an 8 foot 4x4 beam and had Home Depot cut it for me! 
HERE is the Original Pin
(5) cubes cut from the 4x4 beam
Outdoor Stain… I bought Behr Weatherproofing stain samples from Home Depot for $3!
White Paint
Round Stipple Brush
11x14 picture frame
Yahtzee card

Sand each block. I used a power sander but you could probably get away with using regular sand paper. 
Use the white paint to sponge “stamp” the circles on each die. 
Print the 11x14 Yahtzee card CLICK HERE for the printable
Put in a picture frame with glass
You can write on the frame like a white board!

The best part of this pin is that it is such a great cost. Yard Yahtzee games cost around $50 and I was able to make this for about $10.
HERE is the Original Pin 
Cut the 4x4 beam into: (1) 12” post, (10) 6” posts
Cut (2) 1 1/4” dowels into 12” batons 
(2) different colors of Outdoor Stain.
Cap for the King post (as decoration)

Sand each block. 
Paint (5) of each 6” post a different color of outdoor stain.
Decorate your King post as desired.

To play, you can check out their official website HERE.

It seems complicated, but there is a video that can help you understand it easily :) 

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