Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Favorite Things Mother's Day Block craft

This week I am excited to do a pin that is actually my own pin!  I love this craft and think it would make the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift!

The original pin is here
I made this pin 5 years ago and it is one of the few crafts I made and actually kept all these years! It still sits in my office!

For Mother’s Day, I think the perfect thing is pictures! Making these blocks just adds even more of a personal touch to your gift. 

For these pictures, I went to Camera Shy (www.camerashy,com) at Gardener Village and did an outdoor shoot. I love this idea because I can make this craft, but also give all the pictures from our photo shoot to my mom! Camera Shy gives you the pictures on a really cute jump drive so you can print or distribute your pictures however you would like!

To Make this craft is soooo easy:

Items Needed:
4x6 pictures
2x4 cut to 13 inches
4x4 Beam cut into blocks…. did you know you can ask Home Depot to cut your wood? 
Photo Texture Cream (I got mine from Poppyseed Projects)
Paint Brush
Adhesive (I used Elmer’s Spray adhesive)
Nail File

1) Paint your 2x4 block of wood
2) Print out your saying, glue it on the front (or you can use mod podge)
3) Paint the edges of your blocks (optional)
4) Cut your pictures to the size of your block and glue them to the block. 
5) I like to use a nail file (I buy a really rough one and use it to make the edges of the blocks perfectly flush)
6) Use a paint brush or any texture you would like to paint on some photo texture cream. The cream is optional, I just like it because it gives your photos texture!
Such a fun finished craft!

And not to brag... but really, to brag... here are a few more of our pictures from our photo shoot!


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