Friday, February 26, 2016

Baby Shower Games

It is so fun to feature a few games to celebrate Jessie’s baby girl!  There are SO MANY baby shower games on Pinterest. Some are super fun, some are just downright dreadful, haha. I found 3 that I thought would be the most original!
Have 2 people go at a time and do a blindfolded diaper changing race! If they don’t have it on the doll correctly, they have to put the blindfold back on and keep trying! The first person to get the diaper on correctly wins that round. 
You could do it tournament style until you have your champion!
Baby Bottle Drinking Competition
(No pin… I copied this idea straight from our producer who did this at her own baby shower)
Fill a baby bottle with liquid and see who can drink it first! You may need to cut little slits in the lid, without it you would be shocked at how strong of a suck a baby has! I used a nail for mine because I wanted the hole to be the same for everyone!
Players use Chopsticks (I used a lollipop stick) to pick up binky’s! The first one to pick up all 6 wins!
Although not a game, another idea I really loved was to have all the guests fill out a self addressed stamped envelope. That way, the new Mom has everyone’s address and can just slip a thank you note inside. Moms are always so busy, this would be a HUGE help!

And, no game is ever complete without an awesome prize to be won! A huge thank you to Camera Shy ( and pro Do ( for giving everyone in the studio audience gift certificates!


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