Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Spur of the Moment Thanksgiving Ideas!

Oh no! It is Thanksgiving morning and you realized you forgot to add a few small details. Here are a few Pins that can enhance an already awesome Thanksgiving experience…
This pin has a printable for these darling left over tags. With a little help from my mega-stash of ribbon and this darling tag, leftovers are no longer boring to send home :)

Worried about entertaining the kids? Here are some fun and easy solutions…
This fun Turkey game is easy to print out and cut! You roll a die, first one to build their entire turkey wins! 
Grab a few pencils...wrap a strip of paper around them and secure with some tape…then play!  To play, each player will take one pencil out at a time until the TeePee falls over!

What a fun way to celebrate the things you are grateful for. You can let these kids (or adults) take pictures for each item on the list. When you are done, each person can share the photos they tool. I like to hook my phone or computer to my television for this! It is so fun to see how creative people get with their interpretation.  And, if someone finishes early, they can color the paper!


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