Monday, October 26, 2015

Halloween Minute to Win It Games

This week’s pin is Halloween Minute to Win it Games which I think would be perfect for a classroom party!

Spider Ring Toss
You will have 2 players per team
Give Player 1 an empty cup, and Player 2 a handful of spider rings. 
Player 2 will throw spider rings and Player 1 will try to catch them in the cup. 
The team with the most spiders in their cup after 60 seconds will win that round!
Face the Monster Cookie
The original pin had homemade cookies you could make. No way am I that skilled so I just bought the Halloween Chips Ahoy cookies!
The Player will place the cookie on his forehead. 
The cookie must stay in contact with the face until it reaches the mouth.
The first player to get 3 cookies in their mouth within 60 seconds wins!
Candy Corn Pick UP
Within 60 seconds, you will bite the ends off of candy corns and stick them to the plate. 
The player with the most standing candy corns at the end of 60 seconds, wins.
Marshmallow Fang Toss
I couldn’t resist the pumpkin peeps! For this game, Player 1 would wear vampire fangs. 
Player 2 would toss marshmallows that Player 1 would catch with their mouth. 
(And this is where I will admit my love for peeps was not a wise choice… smaller marshmallows are much easier). 


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