Monday, September 28, 2015

Parenting Hacks!

We can always use some help with parenting, and these fun hacks are sure to be the extra that we need!
Wifi Password: I did a quick google of “how to change my wifi password” and quickly found instructions for my internet service. I love the idea of making technology a privilege! A friend of mine also suggested that you can just turn off your router until all chores are done! 
This is our Getting Along T-Shirt: Maybe I chose this because I just couldn’t stop laughing. But really, I do think sticking the kids together until they get along would be the best idea ever!
Kleenex for the Sick: Ingenious! Love the idea of putting these boxes together with an elastic and using one side for the Kleenex and the other side for all the germ filled used Kleenex! SO much better than cleaning up nasty used Kleenex from the night stand.
No Toilet Paper Past Here: This is a great idea for toilet paper! I get pretty sick of the quantity they seem to use.  Now, I wish my dog could read this when she is in there spreading toilet paper EVERYWHERE. You can use this image and print your own arrow:


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