Monday, September 14, 2015

DIY Distressed Jeans

 It seems every other pin I see lately has been on distressing jeans. Perhaps it is because distressed jeans are so dang trendy but expensive! I have decided to try out one of the pins to see what I think. 

Put your jeans on and mark where you would like your rips to be.
Use scissors to cut a slit where you would like it. The pin says to rip it but when I did it was a mess. So, I just cut it and it turned out just fine!
Use a Stainless Steel Wire brush to rub along where the rip in the jeans are, and let them fray! I got my brush on amazon for $5. WARNING: The bristles are SHARP. And it hurts if you brush your finger (better known as brush all the skin off your finger). Ouch!

Put your pants in the washer and dryer to let them fray a bit more. 
I do like this pin. I think it works! I don’t love just a wide open rip though. I need to do some more researching to see how to get the type of fray where the threads still show but you can’t see all your skin. I will call this a pinterest “eh”! Glad I didn’t use my best pants to do them, but not totally disappointed either :)


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Sarah said...

I just saw a video on how to do this recently ( but they didn't mention anything about using a steel wire brush... but I think that's genius! Such a perfect way to give them a more natural distressed look. Definitely going to do this next time I make some of these.