Monday, August 3, 2015

Camping Hacks... do they work?

There are camping hacks all over online and I wanted to see if some of them actually worked, here is what I found! 
I have been doing this for years and it CHANGED my camping forever! I can’t believe I ever let egg cartons go soggy.  PLUS, you can put them in small containers and they take up a fraction of the space in your cooler. The original pinner used a Mason Jar. I like to use disposable containers so I can just throw them away (I hate doing dishes while camping)
I have seen this pin over and over and the curiosity was killing me. I tried it in my pantry… I liked that it gave a luminous “soft” light but guess what… 
Just the head lamp alone gave the same amount of light so I am not sure why I would haul this giant water jug with me… The original pinner said this was better for reading and I do agree but honestly, I would rather have the light a bit brighter than haul this jug around! I think I will have to label this a fail!
Frozen Water Bottle Ice
There isn’t a pin for this one, because this idea is my own tried and true AWESOME idea! I have had to camp for up to a week with my family and using water bottles has SAVED my food from getting soggy and gross!  Plus, as I empty a cooler, I left the ice melt a bit and have an ICE COLD water to drink… heaven when you are camping in Lake Powell in July… (Yes, I am that crazy).
Campfire Cones
Items needed:  Strawberries and/or bananas, sugar cones, marshmallows, chocolate chips, tin foil.
Instructions: Load up your cone, wrap it in foil and throw it in the fire.  HOLY COW it is delicious.
I also do this trick. You can do it at home and use it throughout the week. I love it for camping because you can put the powder in the container at home, add the water while camping and just shake!  The best thing about not having it in a big open bowl… no surprise bugs fly in your food while you are waiting to cook it!

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