Monday, July 20, 2015

Screen Free Summer Activities!

For summer, it can sometimes be hard to entertain kids with activities that don’t include a screen.  I have found 3 ideas that I think are both fun and easy.  I was able to do them while on a family vacation in Lake Powell, which was a fun break from all the crazy water sports as well!

Homemade Ice Cream 
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Items Needed:
1/2 cup whipping cream 
1 t vanilla
1.5 t sugar

ice cubes, 6T salt
Place the whipping cream, vanilla and sugar in a baggie. Put it in a second baggie to help keep it from leaking. Put those baggies in another baggie with ice and 6 T of salt. Play with the bag for 10-15 minutes. You can play catch, hot potato or just shake it.  Get creative!  Your kids will be amazed they made their own homemade treat in the process! 
This was so yummy Brayden had to fend off his Dad from stealing from him!

Lava Lamp 
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Items Needed:
baby oil 
food coloring
alka seltzer (I just buy generic brand) 

Fill your jar 3/4 full with baby oil. Fill it the rest of the way with water. Add quite a bit of food coloring. Throw one alka seltzer tablet in and you have your own lava lamp!  I tried putting two alka seltzer tablets in and it was not twice the fun, it was actually just way to fizzy!  You can add the Alka Seltzer over and over. 
My son thought this was pretty dang fun. 

Ice Treasure Hunt 
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Items Needed:
I froze some little toys into a big block of ice. It was fun and entertaining for the kids to work on creative ways to get the toys out of the ice!


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