Monday, June 15, 2015

DIY Travel Packing Travel Hacks

With Summer here, I was excited to find this pin!

With super fun packing travel hacks.  Here were some of my favorite:
Use a shower cap to cover the bottom of your shoes.
Use a Cotton Cosmetic pad to protect your makeup from breaking.
Use Saran Wrap or Press and Seal wrap for your jewelry to keep it from getting tangled
Put your chains through a straw to keep them from getting tangled.
Use a binder clip to protect your fingers from the top of your razor.
Wrap your headphones around a binder clip and use that clip to attach to your bag for easy access!
Use a contact lens case to store some of your more expensive face creams/syrums so you don’t risk losing or breaking your whole bottle!
Roll your clothes in your suitcase. You will have more room, it helps so they don’t become unfolded as you are looking through them and it helps with wrinkles! I actually roll my clothes in my dresser as well :) 
Use a sunglasses case to store your chargers and cords.

What are some ways you pack? Share your secrets in the comments below :) 


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