Monday, May 4, 2015

Tuck and Cover French Braid

With summer coming, it is fun to have a hair style you can throw your hair into without looking  too casual!

This pin was a fun and simple hair do I think will do the trick!

Since I am NOT a hair dresser, it turned out a bit messy on me.  I was going to re-do it to make it look perfect but I wanted to see if this was truly quick.  I feel like within 4 minutes I was able to get it to look decent enough.  I do think with a little practice this will look even better!

Step 1: Place an elastic headband on top of your head leaving a little bit of hair in the front. 
Step 2: French bread your hair over the top of the head band going down your side.
Step 3: I like to loosen the braid so it looks bigger.
Step 4: Tuck your hair into the hair band and pull through tight!
Step 5: Now roll your hair up into the headband and let it get in there really tight!


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