Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Creative Ways to ask or answer to a school dance

It’s that time of the year again!  Prom season is here and everything about it is so much fun, beginning with getting a date!  Here are some creative ways to ask and answer a date for any school dance!

3 ways to ASK to the dance

Items Needed:
White boiled eggs
Easter egg dye kit

Boil eggs
Write your name on an egg in white
Make the sign “I think it would be an egg-cellent idea to go to prom together!  I would DYE if you said yes” 
Leave it all on the porch, and run!
Your date will have to dye the eggs to see who it is that asked them to the dance!
**Check out this "fail"!  I literally dyed this egg OVERNIGHT and still couldn't get it any darker than this!!!

Items Needed:
Sharpie Marker
1 orange

Make one sign that says “knock knock”, another that says “you glad you’re getting asked to prom by this cutie”
Write “ORANGE” on the orange.
Put your name on the bottom of a cutie and hide it in the basket.
Place on the porch, knock and run!
I used this pin for inspiration:

Items Needed:
Box or packaging for delivery
Cute pin

Write your name on a little piece of paper
Place inside the balloon
Blow up balloon
Tie a tag on the ribbon that says “Let’s “pop” some moves on the dance floor at prom!
Attach a cute pin to the tag

3 Ways to Answer to the Dance

Items Needed:
Fun Soda
Signs that say “YES” and “I would be soda-lighted to go to prom with you”

Attach the sign to the soda and you are done!
OK OK - I know this isn’t for everyone but I guarantee High School student like this idea…
Items needed:
Easter basket or container with candy and easter grass

Make poster that says “You bet your grass I”ll go to the dance with you”.
You can see detailed pictures on my blog!
This was actually my  Original Idea

I saw these beans on Etsy HERE  and loved the idea to have them made!  You can customize the beans to say YES if you want to use this to answer or even to have your name done!  
I am working on testing how long it takes to have the name show on the plant so your date doesn’t have to wait weeks and weeks to find out your answer… Stay tuned and I will update my blog with the time it takes. That way, you can grow your plant from home and then deliver it just a day or two before it should sprout!

All you need is the fun beans and a sign that says “Water this plant and you will see, who the date to your next dance will be”.


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