Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A few favorite life hacks

Pinterest is full of life hacks. I have been dying to see if some of these work!  Some do… some sooooo don’t!
“Orange Roll”
This is a good and mess free way to cut an orange
Slice both ends off.  
Cut a slit where the skin is.
Shoe holder water bottle storage!
I am always so sick of my water bottles being all over the place!  Check out my mess: 
I saw this idea and love it so much I just had to share!
Boiled egg peeling
Here is the original pin
For this life hack, you put 1/2” of water in a cup.
Put your egg in there, shake it up and voila!  
Your egg should be totally peeled. 

Uh.. not sure what happened here but definitely did not peel my egg!

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