Tuesday, January 27, 2015

L-O-V-E Craft

LOVED this EASY craft to celebrate such a fun holiday!

Items Needed:
Cardboard letters
Gold Paint (I used DecorArt Elegant Finish Metallic Paint in Champagne Gold)
1 yd of black rick race or leather cording
Red felt
Stuffing (optional) 
Glue Gun 
Screw driver … one big and one smaller to poke holes in the letters!

Paint the letters gold
Poke a hole in your letters with the small screw driver and then use the big screen driver to make the hole larger.  
A few hints:  
Measure the distance from the bottom of each letter.  I did my holes 4.75” from the bottom.  Make sure to measure each side of the letter or you will end up with some uneven holes!  I also made sure to put my hole right in the middle of the letter (my letters were 1/2 inch thick so I did them 1/2” from the edge) 
Put your larger screw driver all the way through in the direction you plan to put the dowel through.  This will clear all the debris that could be blocking the hole you punched!
Feed the dowel through your letters. 
Tape the Feathers to the left end of the dowel.
Wrap the black ric rac  around the tape from the feathers. 
Cut 2 hearts from the red felt
(optional) glue the 2 hearts together and add a little opening for a little stuffing.
Stuff your heart (notice I stuffed the wrong side?  Yep, I had to re-cut my felt).
Glue to the right side of your dowel!
Don't forget to put the heart on with the point out (for the arrow).  Of course, true Shyloh style, I did it backwards the first time!

Stick on your fireplace mantle or shelf.  I LOVE this craft!


Deborah Vidrine said...

i would love for you to send this extra to me . my kids are living in a temporary home with no decorations they would love this as a surprise for valentines. thank you
deb 801-668-6901
call for my address

Taisha Sullivan said...

I would love your extra.

Anne Jachim said...

I would love to have this on my mantle. BTW your funny girl!

Annie said...

I would "LOVE" to be the lucky one to receive this. I commented on your FB page that if I did happen to win, I would put glitter on the "O" just to jazz it up... It's soooo cute😘

Tiff said...

Pick me, pick me! I would LOVE this in my home. ❤