Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Deck of Cards Workout

I have a personal trainer that knows it is HARD to keep my attention when we do workouts!   Whenever he would show up with a deck of cards, I knew I was in trouble! 

In looking online, I found this pin where others have done the same thing!  

Here is what we do:
Shuffle the deck
Each suit is a different exercise, the numbers on the cards are the number of reps.  Face cards are all 10, Aces are 11.  The goal is to do the entire deck as quickly as you can. 

Here is an example of our last workout:

Hearts:  Burpees
Spades:  Push - Ups (he would vary the style as we were going)
Clubs:  Sit-ups (he would vary the type as well)
Diamonds: Squat Jumps
Jokers:  These are usually some sort of “special” exercise.  Like Wall Sits for 3 minutes or something equally as terrible (oops I mean beneficial) 

This is fun to do alone because you have the challenge of getting through the deck to distract you.  It is even more fun to do with a friend because you can “race” to get through the deck quicker!

**If you are wondering who my trainer is, his name is Mark Oyler.  We have used him for years.  He even comes to our house and does really fun workouts either inside or outside.  His cell phone # is 801-450-7205


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