Monday, December 1, 2014

Thoughtful Cash and Gift Card Ideas

I love to give cash and Gift Cards as a gift.  My only issue is that I fear it doesn’t “look” thoughtful enough!  I love the idea of personalizing these otherwise generic gifts so your friends and family know you really did put some thought into their special gift!
The most important thing to me when looking for a gift card is to make sure I really am choosing something I have put some thought into, versus whatever is closest to the checkout stand at the grocery store. For example, I went to Revivology which is a new Spa in the District.  I hadn’t been there before, I just thought I would try it out.  I had the MOST amazing facial with the most amazing technicians who knew SO much about skin care!  I loved the decor, and just thought it was a great experience.  I instantly wanted to have my sister in law try out this place.  Not because it was convenient that I was there, but because it was such a wonderful experience I wanted her to have the same.  So… I bought her a gift certificate!  I was excited when I found this pin because even though I will tell her why I picked this spa I think it is just nice to have a little more of a personal touch!

Items Needed:
Paper Trimmer... I love this one.  You can click on the picture to see it on Amazon!

Glue or thin double sided adhesive
1 Sheet of 12x12 Paper... There are SO many cute Christmas paper pads!  If you don't live near a craft store.  Here are some links to some darling ones I found. (Just click on the picture)

For the Body:
Cut the paper to be 3.5” x 7.25” and fold in half.
Put a bead of glue along the edges or use a thin double sided tape (or use regular double sided tape and cut it in half to be thinner) and tape the sides together to make a pocket.
Tuck the ribbon piece inside the pocket edge, wrap around the pocket and fasten inside the pocket on the other side (so the pocket still has a  full opening) 

For the Lid:
Cut the paper to be 3” x 4” and fold in half to be 1.5” x 4”.
Cut another paper to be 2.875” x 4” and score about .75” from the bottom (this holds the gift card) 
Tuck the ribbon under the flap of the lid and wrap it around the other side.  
Adhere the lid to the gift card holder.
Slide the lid into the pocket and add a bow to the ribbon.

Isn’t this fun? I loved this pin!!!
P.S.  No... I wasn't paid by Revivology for mentioning their spa!  I really do just love it.
I have 4 nieces and nephews that live back East and because I am not with them all the time I always end up sending gift cards.  I have to send them cards to generic places because they are not local and frankly I am not positive what their current interests are any more!  But, I still want them to know I care and have thought about them so this fun “cash dispenser” made from a Kleenex box is perfectly awesome!

The pin I used is here!

Items Needed:
Empty Kleenex Box
1 sheet of 12x12 Cardstock (I used (2) half sheets so I could have a fun contrast in color) 
Paper Trimmer
Washi Tape
Double sides tape or glue adhesive

Cut 4 pieces of cardstock to go on all 4 corners of the box.  I used Kleenex brand, cutting them to be a sliver less than 4.5” wide and 5” long was perfect for me.
Using Washi tape (because it is cute and it removes easily), tape your money together on the short ends.  
I typed a “pull here” tab and taped it to the top.
Place your money roll in the box with the “pull here” tab out. 
I cut a 4.5” by 2” Paper and put it on the top, then put a 4.5” x 2.5” paper over the top of the other so it kind of overlaps and holds the money in place. 

Voila!  I think the kids are going to think this is a super fun way to get some cash-ola!  And hey - I am going to save the Kleenex from these boxes because they will make perfect “packaging” (my sisters will love that I didn’t use peanuts)! so I can send these to them!

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