Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pottery Barn Knock-Off Christmas Mirror

This is the pin that I found for this craft. 

I ordered my vinyl from Read my walls before thoroughly reading the instructions the pin. (By the way, if you make this craft I think she saved this image and it was under $10 to cut)! When I went to actually do the pin, I was shocked at the steps it would take to make it!    This original pin required items like muriatic acid, aerosol paint stripper, ventilation mask, protective eyewear to name just a few…  Anyone who has watched my segments knows I am into EASY crafting that the LAZY crafter can do!  

LUCKILY,  I thought of a different way to achieve almost the exact same look utilizing some of my past Pinterest knowledge (I once made mercury glass for a segment)!  So, I present to you… the lazy pinners way of making this craft:

Items Needed:
Picture frame with glass 
Spray bottle with water
(You can click on the link to buy it from Amazon)
Red Acrylic Paint
Vinyl for the front

Take your glass out of your frame and spray a little water on it.  You will want to realize that wherever the water lands, that is where you will have “distress” “so don’t put to much more or less than you really want!
Spray 5 thin coats (waiting a minute between each coat) of Mirror paint on the glass.  Let dry for an hour!  
Wipe the water off of your glass and do any other scraping or distressing you would like.  (This stressed me out so I decided to be happy with what I got... you can tell I tried in the middle. ... total fail).  

Paint a coat of whatever paint you want to have show over the top of the mirror paint.  You will want to paint a THICK coat of this paint!  Let this paint dry thoroughly.
Assemble your frame back together and put the vinyl on the on top where you would like it!  (The mirror paint goes on the back of the frame).
So, I give the original pin and all it’s time and effort a C, but not because of anything other than it seemed too hard.  For my version, I give it a total A+!  It was easy.  Go try it for Neighbor gifts!

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