Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Favorite Christmas Tradition Ideas

I LOVE Christmas.  A big reason is because of the traditions that we have.  I feel strongly that each family should make or continue Christmas traditions.  Since these traditions are only done at Christmas time, they stir up an emotional connection to wonderful memories whenever we do them. 

My family has MANY traditions. Today I thought I would share with you a few that we have done!
Peppermint Ice Cream Oreo Dessert
Every Christmas Eve we go to my parents house to have a nice dinner and try to do all we can to tire out my kids!  EVERY year we have this Peppermint Oreo Ice Cream dessert.  It is such a deep tradition in my life, I felt WEIRD making it for this pin segment!  It just didn’t seem right to eat it before Christmas Eve.  SO… (true story) I made ONE and then I threw it in the garbage after I took this picture.

Here is a pin that has a recipe similar to what we use!

I do change it a little bit…

Oreo Cookies, Crushed
Peppermint Ice Cream, softened
Chocolate Syrup or Hot Fudge
Cool Whip
Crushed Candy Canes

For us, we make this with individual servings in a clear plastic cup. It is way easier to serve!  To make this, we just layer the ingredients in the cup in the following order (I don’t even measure, just go by taste)!  Oreo Cookies on the bottom (about 1/5 full),  peppermint ice cream (about 3/4 full) , hot fudge (not hot..and just a thick layer), cool whip (a thick layer), Sprinkle crushed candy canes and oreos on top!  YUMMMM!
Reindeer Food
It is fun to sprinkle this food on the front lawn (or snow) for the Reindeer to eat.  The kids think it is so nice of them to give the reindeer a special treat for all their hard work :)

We just use whatever we have around the house… Reindeer aren’t picky!  I put oatmeal, red and green glitter (very important), and a crushed candy cane. 

They make fun gifts or a school class party activity as well!  
You can just attach the printable from this original pin.

The poem says:
Sprinkle on Your Lawn at Night
The Moon will make it Sparkle Bright
As Santa’s Reindeer fly and Roam
This will Guide Them to your Home
Christmas Card Storage
With all the expense (and time to get pictures) that goes into Christmas Cards, it is a shame to just throw them away at the end of the year!  So - I found this pin that I think is a fun way to store Christmas cards. 

The original idea came from this pin.

All you need is some rings (or ribbon), a hole punch and the printable.
I made one as my gift to you this Christmas! 

Here is the download for the FRONT of the 6x8 version
and the BACK of the 6x8 version
And, the 5x7 front and back!

Here is the front:
And here is the back:

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