Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

I love the tradition of doing the Elf on the Shelf!  

Unfortunately, I have to look on Pinterest and admire everyone else’s creative ideas.  

We did have a pretty fun elf visit last year... but I clearly didn’t do my research and sat down with my son to open the package.  Right inside the box, under the elf,  was a “special message to the parents”… It read something along the lines of “See your Child's delight as your elf wakes each morning to see where you have moved their elf”....oops!
Unfortunately Brayden read it right as I was busy taking the elf out of the box.  Right off the bat (because I had touched the elf), it lost its magic.  Brayden screamed like I had killed the elf.  It was total chaos.  Luckily, the elf got his magic back the next night but it was never the same because Brayden saw my dang “private message” from the elf.  
I guess I am just here to tell all beginner parents, do your research on this elf before they visit your home.  This is serious business and a major commitment as well.  And don’t think you can’t get sucked into not over achieving on this matter because the kids get talking at school and basic movement just doesn’t cut it anymore, haha!  And… that is why elf decided to stay at the North Pole instead of coming to our house.  

Here are four of my favorite pins I saw online...
I just think this one is so cute!  One, I love Hot Chocolate but secondly, the printable is just way fun and FREE! 
 Here is the link to this pin.
This elf is sure naughty!  But when it comes to the elf, I think the naughtier the funnier.  Now isn't ironic we have to be good for Santa but then we have an elf that does rotten things while we sleep.  Hmmm... I am going to have to think about the irony of that one!
Unfortunately, the pin didn’t go to a blog!
I like this one because it is easy and HILARIOUS!  Surely, the elf wouldn’t have to spend much time doing this :) 
Here is the original pin for this idea
Who doesn’t love to see true love begin to bloom?  And over syrup…. it’s perfect!  
Here is the original pin

And as a bonus, look how dang cute this is:
My friend MB posted this to her instagram account and I just had to show you.  They used a baby sock to make the ski mask.  LOVE it!

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