Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Gratitude Turkey

November is the month of Thanksgiving and I think the biggest challenge as a mother is being able to really teach my kids how to focus on gratitude throughout this month.  
This pin was a really fun idea for a craft you can make with your kids and then use throughout the month!

It would be fun to read this cute book  Ten Thankful Turkeys to start the conversation about gratitude.  Then, you can make this cute turkey out of a Kleenex Box to put notes in throughout the month of things you are grateful for.  

Items Needed:
Red Cardstock
Yellow Cardstock
Brown Cardstock
Orange Cardstock
Kleenex Box
Googly Eyes
Brown, Red, Yellow and Orange paint
Packing Tape or Tacky Glue

Empty the Kleenex box and paint it brown.  I used acrylic paints and had to do about 3 coats.  I think I would suggest using brown spray paint in the future.
For the feathers, trace the template of the feather.  You can download a template for the feather HERE onto card stock and cut out various feathers.  Lay them out on all the Kleenex you just took out of your box and use a toothbrush to “flick” paint onto the feathers.  Your kids might think this is WAY to fun!  
When you are done, tape the feathers to the back of the Kleenex box with packing tape.

Cut out the Turkey body shape from brown, and the rooster face from red and yellow. 
Glue the Turkey body to the front of your box and the feathers to the back. 
Print the “I am Thankful for” printable (you can download it HERE) and put them with the box for everyone to fill out throughout the month.  At Thanksgiving dinner you can go around the table and read the entries!

Hope you have an awesome month of gratitude!

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