Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fun Ideas for Thanksgiving Day Entertainment!

The first pin was this darling printable.  Guess why I loved it so much?  It was FREE and EASY!  Just print it out, cut the pieces and stick them on a stick (or a straw, which is what I had). 

Here is the link to the original pin!
The second pin was a fun craft you can make with the kids.  When making it, I thought it was a little more complicated but then seeing how much my son LOVED to play with it after it was done, this craft is totally worth it.  

Items Needed:
Parachute cording or any thicker cord
3” styrofoam ball
2.5” styrofoam ball
Orange craft Foam
Yellow craft Foam
Red Felt
Googly Eyes
Embroidery Floss
Glue Gun
Chopsticks or wooden dowels for the marionette.

For the body, poke a hole through the middle for the legs using the skewer.  Thread the cord through and cut it to be as long as you would like the legs to be.  I used about 18”.  
Put Beads on the bottom of the feet and tie a knot.  These beads add weight so the feet stay on the floor when you are playing with the marionette.  
I am a ding bat and bought beads that were to small for the parachute cording so I had to tie a knot at the end of my cording and then just glue it to the bead.  
Cut feet from the orange foam and glue them to the beads.  
For the neck, put a hole through the top of the body.  Thread the cording through and tie a knot where the bum of the turkey is to keep it in place.  
Tie a knot in the end of the neck and tie some embroidery floss through the knot.  Put a hole through the 2.5” styrofoam ball  (from top to bottom).  Thread the floss through the head (the knot will keep the head in place). 

Tie embroidery floss on the sticks as shown.
 Add feathers to the bum and head, and add the google eyes, beak and waddle.  


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