Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DIY Window Clings

First of all, the most important thing to mention is HAPPY VETERANS DAY!  (And, Happy Birthday to my mom, Janet!
This day is truly made to celebrate AMAZING people :)

I was intrigued by this pin because I think it would be fun for kids to make these window clings.  They would be fun to decorate with, but I also thought it would be fun for kids to make their own to play with in the car!

Here is the original pin.
Items Needed:
2 T White Elmer’s Glue
2 drops of Dish Soap
Food Coloring 
Plastic Page Protectors (I just used wax paper) 
Paintbrush (optional) 
Cookie Cutters (optional) 

To do:
Mix all the glue, dish soap and food coloring together. 
 Pour and spread  in a cookie cutter to make a shape.  Make sure you have a thick 
(but not too thick) of a layer.
You can also paint on a thick layer as well.  I did the words USA since it is Veterans Day. 
Let dry overnight
Peel off the Wax paper and stick on your favorite glass surfaces!

So - the question is... do you think the pin worked, and I was able to stick it the window like below:
(Sometimes these pins have dual purposes... I may not have found the greatest craft here, 
but I HAVE discovered I need to clean my windows...)

Or, do you think this is what happened:
Uh, yeah... picture 2 would be the winner.  I am not sure how the original pinner was able to get these to stick to a window but these are not sticky AT ALL!  I am not saying she didn't get this to work somehow but I definitely didn't get them to work and was not even close to it! The first picture... They are hanging with Scotch Tape and even then I had a hard time getting them to stick to the window with TAPE on them!

Luckily, since they didn't stick to the window, I don't have to also mention (even though I am) that I also think these are pretty silly looking, I think I would have bought window clings at all a dollar as a better option in the future!


♥rockwood♥ said...

Shyloh!!! I saw you on good things utah, and I had to say hi! I used to baby sit for you and you were one of my yw leaders. It's so good to see you and your beautiful family. You are still darling as ever. I'd love to catch up one of these days. Hope all is well! -Kristen castleberry rockwood

Shyloh Belnap said...

How fun! I do remember you Kristen! I hope you are doing really well too! Thanks for visiting, this was a really silly pin. Total fail, hahaha!