Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Classroom Party Ideas

Time to get our SUPER MOM costumes on and plan a class party!   Most parties are in stations which means you have 15-20 minutes for each activity.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:
Halloween Mystery Boxes
This one is a fun classic inspired by this pin:  

Items Needed:
6 Disposable Containers
Fun Foam
Packing Tape or a glue gun
Black spray paint
My printable labels
Spaghetti (brains)
Peeled grapes (eyeballs)
Dried apricots (monster ears)
Corn kernels (monster teeth)
Long sliced bananas (witch tongue)
Carrot Sticks (witch fingers)

Cut a hole in the lid.  (I just cut right through the edge and taped it back up)
Spray paint the disposable containers and lid black (and upside down so you don’t get paint inside)
Cut the fun foam to be just a tiny bit bigger than the opening on the top (so you aren’t blocking where the lid has to snap onto the container).
I cut my fun foam to be zig zag and then taped it with packing tape to the top of the container… You could use a glue gun if you are super ambitious!
Snap on the lid and put the labels on the front.  HERE is the printable.
{Photo is from Sugar Bee Crafts}
Mummy Game
This game is a classic.  It never gets old.  I found this pin for instructions but I am telling ya, I play this all the time and it is fun for all ages!  

Get (cheap) toilet paper and put kids in teams of 2-3.  One person is the “Mummy”.  They must wrap their mummy with the entire roll of toilet paper.  The first to use up their roll wins!  Then, make all the kids clean up the mess (which can be just as fun)!
Test Tube Slime
GROSS!  If you know me personally, you KNOW I HATE slimy things.  It all started with play doh but slime is DEFINITELY in that category.  The fact that I volunteered to make this with Brayden’s class shows how much I LOVE the kid (and want to impress his friends).  

This idea was inspired by this pin:

Items Needed:
2 oz. Snack Cups (got mine at the grocery store) 
Elmers Glue
Green Food Coloring
Ziplock Bags
Test Tubes
Labels (link to the printable is on my blog)

There are MANY recipes for slime but the trick here is making it “individual sized” so each kid can make their own.  It is also nice to TRY to figure out a way to make it less messy since kids are SO ROWDY on this holiday :)

I pre-made the following “slime kit” for each student:
(1) 2 oz. Snack Cup with Elmer's Glue
(1) 2 oz.  Snack Cup 3/4 full of water, 3/4 tsp Borax, 5 drops of green food coloring 
(hint:  when I made the kits I used hot water so the Borax would maybe dissolve easier)
(1) Baggie

Have each student pour the Elmers Glue in their baggie.  
Add (2) Snack Cups of water (I will just bring a pitcher of water and fill the glue cup for them).  
Close the baggie TIGHT and knead it.  (you can also use plastic cups but it might be “splashy”
After about a minute add the Borax/Water/Green Food Coloring Cup and knead until you have a clump of slime.  There will still be liquid in the bag…. that is ok.  Just seal it up and throw it out. 
Squish your slime in your test tube and add the label.  
I used the blank labels from the original pin provides and used photoshop to write each kid a personalized  label that says “Brayden Guts”.  I printed them on a full sheet of labels to just cut out (love those full label sheets!)

**In later trying to get the slime out of the cute test tube I am realizing it may be a one way street for the slime.  It is impossible to get out!  So... I think for my class party I will make this slime and add gooey eyeballs!

Happy Halloween!


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