Friday, October 10, 2014

Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

I was so excited to do this pin!  I had big plans to give this cute little treat to all my friends for Halloween.  Until…. I tried to make it on my own.  I don’t doubt these can be done, and done well but I am having a hard time believing a “normal” Mom could just pick up this skill haha!
Here is the original pin:
Here is what you need:
Green candy melts (I bought mine at Michaels Crafts)
Chocolate Chips
Candy eyeballs (got those at Michaels too)
Edible red and black markers (Michaels)
Cute straws

Here is what you do:
Put the straw in the Marshmallow
Melt your green candy melts (I did 60 seconds, stir, another 60 seconds) 
Dip your marshmallow into the green candy melts.  (Not that you would want my advice, but I used a spoon to cover the marshmallow then used a knife to smooth out the surface). 
Put your green marshmallows in the freezer while you warm up the chocolate chips.
Dip the head into the chocolate and “Pull down” some hair with a toothpick…a skill and couldn’t figure out :)
Use the chocolate chips for the sides of his head.  You can adhere it with the melted brown chocolate
Use the left over melted green candy to adhere your edible eyes.
Draw your mouth and scar on the face with the edible markers.

Now, this is where I can see who my real friends are because real friends tell the TRUTH...
I know, I know... I am laughing too.

I want to email this blogger and ask just a few questions…
  1. Are you SURE you actually used the food marker and didn’t photoshop the scar and mouth on your Frankenstein.  Your markers are WAY better than mine!  :)
  2. HOW did you just get a toothpick and “pull” down some chocolate for that perfect hair? 
  3. How did you get a perfectly smooth green face without any dripping? 
  4. How are your marshmallows perfectly shaped?
  5. Do you realize how easy this looks and TERRIBLY I failed to make these!?

If you try these, PLEASE post a picture!  I really want to see someone succeed at the cute treat.

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