Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Donut Vampires!

I had decided to do this pin quite a few weeks ago, thinking it would be a fun “last minute” Halloween Treat idea!  This pin has since gone viral, making fangs VERY hard to find!  Everywhere I went said room moms were looking for them to make these in school parties.  What a fun idea!  

I used this pin and, the reason I think it is better than the rest is because of the super cute printable you can put on a box and give to a family or friend!

Luckily, since we are scrambling to get our kids’ costumes done, this pin is EASY peasy!  (OK... that was a lie.  I told my son he had 20 minutes to find anything he could on Amazon Prime to be delivered.  I didn't even take the time to go to the Costume Shop. makeup, I hate Halloween makeup.  There, I have confessed.  Phew, I feel less guilty).
Items Needed:
Candy Eyes
1/2 dozen donuts
Vampire Fangs
To do:
Stick the Fangs in the hole, add the eyes and you’re done!  In hindsight, I think the eyes would stick better if you just use a small little bit of frosting as “glue” for them as well!
Print the Printable from the original blog HERE and stick it to the box!

Happy Halloween! 
Hope you have a good and safe one!


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