Sunday, September 14, 2014


Last night was Homecoming!  Kayla looked AMAZING!
She went with one of her best friends, Cole Parkinson.  So fun!  Love it when I love their date :)
Her dress was an Aidon Maddox dress we got HERE
Her shoes are shoes she had but they were from Dillards.  I loved the fun color!
Check out her awesome hair:
Nikki over at pro Do blow dry bar whipped this up!
Can I just say how much I love sending her there?  We just run there after her day date and they washed, curled and did this gorgeous braid in all within 45 minutes!  MIRACLE
With her lovely scar (when they slipped drilling her wisdom teeth), we wanted to get her makeup done to help cover it up!  pro Do did that too!  We went on their Audrey the Bus.  Walking up to it, it was pretty strange, most have never heard of a bus giving blowouts.  Once we got inside, holy cow!  It's a salon on wheels!

**PS - These opinions are my own, and I am not being "paid" to love pro Do, Nordstroms OR Dillards


Heena Dhedhi said...

She looks beautiful. I love the entire styling, however particularly loved the way she wore her hair.
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Unknown said...

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