Sunday, August 3, 2014

Primary 2 lesson 27... I can make others happy by sharing!

I plan to post more of my primary ideas over on my church blog HERE.

I thought I would post this one post here just so you can see what I'm doing over there!  I am using the other blog as a way to document everything I have done for others.  I think it helps for us all to share ideas :)  After this week, check it out.  I will post ideas I have for the lessons I teach (which won't be every week).

Hope you're having a fabulous and restful Sunday :)

I am now in Primary and have been loving the change of pace.  BUT... I have discovered it really does take quite a bit of creativity to entertain a class of 4-year olds for an hour!  I thought I would share my ideas along with ideas I have found from other blogs to help others who have to teach the same lesson.
The original lesson on can be found HERE.
I love to do a craft with each lesson.  It is a great way to remind the kids what they have learned.  This week I found the cutest printable HERE that I used to cut and color the 5 loaves and 2 fish from the story in the lesson.  Then, I just used a a paper bag, cut the top off and rolled it down to represent the basket the fish were in.   The kids had a great time cutting out and coloring their little baskets.  Here is what the finished craft looked like:
For their treat, we gave goldfish and rolls (to go with the theme of the story)
For their handout, I couldn't resist the temptation to buy these super cute fish games.  I found them for just $2 at the grocery store and knew the kids would love them.  I made this cute little tag to put on each:
The image on here is from the website,
head over and check it out.  GREAT Bible story craft ideas!
You can download the PDF of this document HERE and print it out to use yourself.

I just love teaching primary!  It is so fun to see how much the kids love to learn :)


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