Thursday, August 14, 2014

Motherhood is awesome

Every Thursday I thought I would try to do something a bit personal.  This week was a bit of a roller coaster ride with my oldest. She got her wisdom teeth pulled which automatically qualified her for chipmunk status.  When she came out of the anesthesia, she was just a little bit crazy...

Worst of all, the oral surgeon accidentally cut her face when he was doing her surgery...
Fortunately, she was so doped up on pain killers she wasn't all that worried about it.  Needless to say, just like all moms.... I have been a wreck worrying about the scarring!  All we can do is cross our fingers at this point.  You can see a funny video clip of some of her lovely ramblings on my instagram account RIGHT HERE :)  Just 3 days after her teeth were pulled, we had to go do some filming for her Student Body Officer Welcome video.  I was shocked out how well she pulled off the chipmunk look.  She was gorgeous even with swollen cheeks!
 What are your wisdom teeth nightmare stories?

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