Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Bento Box Lunches

The pin I was inspired by was here

Basically, I fell in love with the concept of a Bento Box from this website, but decided to make Bento boxes that are more for the taste of my children!
Here are the items I used:
Bento Box
Tiny forks
Little snack cups 
Cheese Sticks
Lunch Meat
Pasta Salads (you can even buy them pre made) 
Chex Mix
Sushi Rolls
Yogurt Squeezers
Rice Krispie Treats
Tortilla Chips with salsa

This isn't a really hard concept, but check out how mine turned out :)  I have to admit I kinda thought they were fun!  The question is... how fun will they be after a few days heehee

Here are some fun tips:
Use the mini cups for dressings to encourage your kids to eat their vegis!
Use tiny cookie cutters to cut sandwiches and cucumbers into shapes
Cut up your cheese stick and put cheese and lunch meat on a toothpick.  
Keep it simple!  You can really go crazy with these boxes.  I found some pretty funny examples of these…

Add a cute lunch box printable to your Bento box.  You can even just tape it to the inside lid!  There are so many you can find on Pinterest.  
I used these and there is a printable you can download on the original pin! 

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