Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back to School Traditions

Can you believe it is time to go back to school?  I think it is fun to get ideas on how to make a new school year seem FUN.

One thing we like to do in our family is have a fashion show.  We do it on a Sunday when my family is over and my kids can show off their new outfits.  Of course, when some of my kids ended up in uniforms this tradition became more “funny” than stylish…. It was a little sad.

Another fun tradition I would like to start is this pin
This cute poem is so fun and it is a great way to help your kids with their pre-first day of school jitters!  I have made a printable available for you to download.  Just CLICK HERE.

I also want to start this tradition...

I got a smaller box because let’s be honest, I am not sure we will want to carry a bunch of huge boxes around forever!  
Items I used to cover the box.
To add a little fun, I covered the box in scrapbook paper.  However, this is optional and isn’t necessary.  
A little hint for you... I like to make the paper on my box just a little bigger than the box and then use a nail file to make the edges the same size as the box.  This helps it last longer as well!
In your time capsule, you can include:
Their handprint and footprint traced onto paper.
A piece of ribbon that measured their height. (LOVE THIS)

First Day of school interview.  Here is the link from the original Pin... so clever!  And, don't forget to make them use their own handwriting!

To view the show segment, CLICK HERE and it will take you to watch the segment :)


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