Monday, August 11, 2014

A little fun with Mia Bath and Body products! (w/outfit details)

Check out what I was asked to participate with the other day...

Yep, that's me on the header of website!  I was a "model" (and I say that with a bit of a laugh because I am SOOOOO not a model).  They even stuck me on their catalog cover...
Here is what I learned from this little experience....

I love creating custom scents and I love sugar scrub... especially theirs!

When we were doing one of the pictures we had to actually use the sugar scrub in the sink.  I haven't ever thought to use a sugar scrub on my hands and my hands are always dry and old looking.  After just using their sugar scrub for this one picture, my hands were soft and moist!  I was in love.

Some other things I love about this company... they are direct sales (so you can support an independent consultant which I am VERY in favor of), you can customize your labels on the product container (so fun for gifts!) AND you get to pick the scent that you use!  I love anything with Pink Sugar or Coconut in it.  Check out their website for more details, or you can comment here and I will hook ya up with a consultant!  (I could ask them who is awesome)

PS - Mia Bath and Body does not even know I am posting this.  In fact, I just happened to check their website and see this was posted, planned to use it to give outfit details and ended up rambling about the deliciousness of their product :)

Outfit Details:  This shirt was bought at Nordstroms.  They have it in yellow right now HERE.  They are sold out of the pink!

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