Thursday, July 31, 2014

PVC Pipe Summer Camp Chairs

This is the pin that I found.
Super fun!
Items Needed:
1” PVC Pipe (They come in 10 foot lengths so you just need one per chair.  
7 inches x 18 inches Outdoor Fabric or Canvas
8 PVC Elbows
PVC Pipe Cutters
(2) 3” bolt with nut

1) Cut your PVC Pipe into (4) 15 inch pieces, (2) 10 inch pieces and (2) 7 inch pieces
2) Using the Acetone, remove the black writing on the pipe. (I can’t believe how easy this was to do!) 
3)  In the middle of all (4) 15 inch pieces, (and I am talking the EXACT middle), drill a hole big enough for your 3” screw.

4) Cut your Canvas to be 7 inches x 18 inches.  Finish the edges as desired.  (hint:  I feel like it would be much easier to do this with bigger casings so it can go over the elbows, so if I were to do it all over again I would start it at 8 inches wide (more convenient for bum size) and make it 21 inches long)
5) Measure and sew a 2.5 inch casing on each side, enough to slide the PVC pipe through (hint:  I discovered it would be nice to have this be even larger so it would slide over the elbow and make the fabric on the seat more smooth…. maybe do 3 inch casings)
This is an example of what  would happen if the casing wasn't big enough to go over the elbows on the pipe. 
6) Thread the Canvas through one 7” PVC pipe and one 10 inch PVC pipe.

7) Using the 15 inch PVC, make (2) rectangles, one with the 7 inch top and bottom, and the other with the 10 inch top and bottom.  hint:  Make sure the rectangles are put together really tight.  If you don’t your chair can be all kinds of interesting crooked!
8) Criss cross your rectangles and line up the holes in the middle.  Put the bolt through the holes.

I think this is the CUTEST pin.  There are definitely some learning curves I learned along the way.  The cost is about $7 per chair, and it is big enough for a TINY bum (like 4 years old or younger) so you decide!


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Sarah Parton said...

I think I have just found my next camping project, and that’s making camping chairs out of PVC pipes. Thanks for the tips. I found some amazing camping chair designs that I can use here:

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