Thursday, July 3, 2014

4th of July Popper

What a fun EASY little craft you can do with your family for this fourth of July!  We used paper but I was thinking it would be equally as fun to put birdseed or maybe even marshmallows in these handy little poppers so you don’t have to clean them up outside!!!

I found the original pin HERE.
Items Needed:
Water Bottle
Masking Tape
Paper to cut into scraps

Cut the top off the water bottle with some scissors
Put the masking tape around the cut edge.  This helps keep kids from cutting their fingers!
Put the balloon on the top of the bottle, move it down so it is a bit shorter on the end (does this make sense!?)
Cut little papers, use marshmallows or whatever you would like and place inside the balloon.
Pull back the balloon and the confetti sprays out everywhere!

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