Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Independence Day Layered Drink

At this time of year I see versions of this pin pop up EVERYWHERE and it seems like it would be impossible to make work!  So, I put this pin to the test…

Items Needed:
Cranberry Juice
Blue Gatorade
Diet 7-up
Lots of Ice

Pour your desired amount of cranberry juice for your bottom layer.
Secondly, fill your container with ice and pour the blue gatorade in.  Make sure when you pour you are aiming on an ice cube.  This prevents you from stirring the colors together!
Lastly, pour the diet 7-up on the top (again aiming onto an ice cube)

The reason this works is because Cranberry Juice has the highest sugar content and so your drinks with the highest sugar content will stay where they are poured.  For this reason, they HAVE to be in this order!   

The big question for me once I saw that it worked was… does it really taste okay?  After trying it out, it tasted REALLY good!

I love this holiday pin, it gets a total A+ from me!


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