Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Homemade Bouncing Bubbles!

With summer here, we are all in full swing looking for ways to entertain these cute kids!  The first pin of the summer I thought I would try would be bouncing bubbles:
Items Needed:
1 C Distilled Drinking Water
2 T Dish Soap (I have heard Joy or Dawn are the best)
1 T  Glycerin (I got mine from
Straw (to blow the bubbles)
1 Clean Sock or cotton glove to keep the bubbles from popping
Mix all of these items together and play!

My opinion:
The glove is VERY important to this process.  Although the glycerin helps these bubbles be heavier and easier to keep from breaking, the clean sock or a cotton glove is very important to use.  When bubbles come in contact with oil or dust particles, they will break. 

The cost is awesome!  By finding these items around my house this project was practically free.  A kit with a small bottle of solution with a glove cost $23 on


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