Thursday, June 12, 2014

Father's Day Road Map Shirt Gift

Father’s Day is here and I think this is such an original idea!  Plus, it is fun for your kids to make and the Dad in your life will LOVE the extra benefit of the massage!
I did some things just a little differently than the original pin in order to make things easier for you to try!
Items Needed:
1 Plain T-Shirt
Freezer Paper
Fabric Markers and/or Sharpie Markers…they used paint, I’m not that talented :)
Toy Car

Draw the pattern for your Road Map.  I drew this pattern on paper (Yes, I know it is a joke…I’m not an artist!).  You can download what I drew HERE so you can just print the 4 papers and tape them together!  Then, trace it onto the freezer paper.  The freezer paper is a little grippy on the shiny side so it doesn’t move around!  Make sure to draw your map on the matte side.
Put the freezer paper inside your shirt and trace and color your map from there!  I used a Sharpie Marker for the black and Fabric Markers for the rest!
Give that special Daddy a special treat… he can wear this shirt and when your kids play on it… he gets a back massage!

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