Thursday, May 29, 2014

Frosted Glass Wall Decor

 The pin for this week can be found here
Items Needed:
16x20 Frame (or frame size you chose)
Hazel & Ruby Broadside Alpha Stencil Mask
Hazel & Ruby Blindside Alpha Stencil Mask
Krylon Glass Frosting (I got mine from Amazon) 

  1. Wash and Dry your glass so it is nice and clean.  (I accidentally bought a “poster frame” which actually used plastic instead of glass and it worked just fine!)
  2. Place your lettering the way you would like it to be on your glass.  (Hint:  I used the paper that came in the frame and folded it in half to find the center of the frame.  It helped me to get the words where I wanted them!)
  3. Spray the Krylon Glass frosting in a thin coat over the glass.  Do 2-3 coats, however many it takes to get the frosted look you are going for.
  4. Remove carefully the stencils (These are reusable stencils, my new FAVORITE!)
  5. Cut a heart (optional) from some fun decorative paper and adhere to the words.

    What a fun way to make a craft appear to have glass etching!  I give this pin an A+
    What I don't give an A+ to, is my own skills as a crafter, haha!  We had a couple "mishaps".  One would be that the first frame I bought.... the glass broke, ugh!  
    The second issue I had is that there was this little white thing on the spray can nozzle.  I thought it was a safety nozzle so I took it off the can and lost it.  Turns out, without it the can sprays but it also drips a lot!  My project has lots of little dots on it.  You can tell if you look closely.... oops!  Since you have better skills than I, I am sure these issues wouldn't be repeated though :)

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