Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yarn Eggs

The pin I found for this week is here

It was fun to make my own Easter Craft with my kids!  These are easy to make:

Items Needed:
Yarn (I used a roll of yarn that changes colors so I just used one roll for all the eggs)
Glue (I just used Elmers Glue)
a disposable container
Water Balloons

{Optional} You can insert a fun treat in your balloon!
Blow up your water balloon.  If you want to have a treat in the balloon, stuff it in the balloon first!  I thought it would be fun to put money in there… But since I am a parent, I was robbed before making this pin and didn’t have any for the pictures :)

Mix one part water with two parts glue in a disposable container.
Dip your yarn in the glue (this is MESSY!)

Wrap around your balloon the way you want it to look and let it thoroughly dry overnight.

Pop the balloon!
What a fun craft to do with your kids, but it is VERY messy.  I would suggest it!  The other issue is that when I popped the balloons, they just shriveled around the candy... maybe they would be best without the candy inside!



Anne Crawford said...

I made some of these and they turned out so cute. My question is can you save them and use them again next year?

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