Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Some "Bunny" is going to LOVE getting bunny pictures!

Camera Shy gets bunnies every year around this time and my kids LOVE them!  In fact, they love them so much my OLDER girls insisted on doing pictures with them when we were in there for some other pics.  I thought I would post a few hear just for kicks....

Visit their website to book an appt.  They are in Gardener Village, Lehi and Jordan Landing.   I just love this studio because they give you a CD of your pictures with the sitting AND they have the cutest studio EVER.  Seriously... my kids can't ever get enough pictures there.

**Camera Shy did not ask me to "plug" their studio.  In fact, they don't even know I am posting this! I am just stating my opinion as an excuse to post silly pics of my girls with bunnies.

Funny fact...Ashley's sweatshirt says "Wild & Free" kinda made me laugh since we stuck the Bunnies back in their cage after we were done, heehee


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